Schleich Yak - B0030T0V8O
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Schleich Yak - B0030T0V8O

Schleich Yak - B0030T0V8O
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  • Schleich World of Nature - Wild Life

  • Approximate dimensions: 15 x 5 x 9 cm

  • Standing with S-shaped horns, yaks stick to the herd. Huddling in the Himalayas or other high places, these cattle relatives stay close to keep warm.

    Another way they hold heat is found when they try to cool their bodies down. When yaks sweat, they secrete something sticky that keeps their hair matted down, giving them more insulation.

    Although the females are much smaller than the males, yaks can weigh over one ton and reach lengths of over ten feet. As domesticated animals, yaks are useful in transporting goods and as food, with milk and meat at the top of the list.

    Fun Fact One yak yields almost six pounds of fine fiber and hair each year.

    Schleich Yak - B0030T0V8O

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